About Saviour Menswear

Saviour is an independently owned UK company established in 2001 and run from our offices in West Sussex. As with all niche brands the owners do it for the love of it and we’re no different at Saviour. We make decisions that we think are right, rest assured we’re not pressured by a big board of directors to cut corners and increase profits.
To us product is King.

The Saviour concept is simple, we aim to deliver premium limited edition menswear direct to our customers. We design and produce our own products, these products are only available from our online store here at saviour-online.com. This way our customers get a fantastic limited edition garment at an unbelievable price. Saviour products are only produced as limited edition garments with no more than 600 pieces being produced. All products come with a numbered certificate of authentication.

We’re always interested to hear from our customers and we always aim to reply so we’d love to hear from you at info@saviour-online.com.