The Clash – London Brawling

Ask any football supporter these days what the F.A. stands for but ensure they’re nowhere near a live TV camera when they respond or they’ll probably find themselves in hot water.

They really are Fucking Arseholes to be fair.

Here’s a grand idea, let’s make 120,000 football fans travel south for FA Cup semi-finals at Wembley, along with all the other fans making trips to the capital (e.g. Liverpool visit Arsenal) and not to mention 200,000 taking part in the London Marathon. Genius.

But it’s what we’ve come to expect from the Feckless Arrogants, and maybe….just maybe…. it will take a bit of London brawling to convince the bigwigs that this can’t happen again in the future. The last thing they want is a couple of hundred thousand northerners causing mayhem in the city – hence the texts, emails and letters posted out all Mancunian ticket holders which states ‘You are ambassadors of Manchester’. Good luck with that one.

And so it’s been a logistical nightmare for the dibble, with British Transport Police launching their biggest-ever operation for a football match to deal with the mass exodus from the north and subsequent return – costing the tax payer God knows how much. With no segregation on trains and a meek directive to take ‘blue’ or ‘red’ motorway routes (you know, to avoid the temptation of gently nudging your neighbour at 90mph on the M6) it seems the BTP are simply throwing our money at pipedreams. Some lads have been waiting years for this, and a yellow flashing motorway signal isn’t going to stop them looking for trouble.

Football off the pitch might not be as chaotic as it was in the 70s or 80s but with late kick off times, old heads back for a final hurrah, boozing all day, and a hugely intense rivalry, it would be quite incredible if there wasn’t a shed load of bother over the weekend. That goes for the Manchester clubs of course, but don’t be thinking Stoke and Bolton fans will be angels on a big day out they rarely ever get.

And for building an eye-wateringly expensive, soul-less dome that requires as many events as possible at hawked prices to somehow justify its fee, the Football Abomination should be made to face the music.

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