Saviour’s owners are die-hard Casuals and cite their influences as coming from their early days “knocking around the streets with a football, trainers and decent tunes. Looking back, my first pair of decent trainers cost more than my first car, suppose that’s where the passion and obsession began”.

For years the likes of Adidas wouldn’t supply the UK with pieces that were sold in the rest of Europe, this started the birth of the Casuals in ‘77. Until this time people wore trainers for sport not as a fashion statement. The birth of the Casual scene in the UK has massively affected fashion, most high street stores’ core pieces take huge influences from this period. The likes of Stone Island, Fila, Sergio Tacchini, Kappa, Farah, Kickers and Adidas were staple pieces in any lad’s wardrobe back then. All these brands are still going strong today.

For those of you out there of a certain age, if you had an older brother or cousin who was a skinhead or bootboy, ’77 changed all that. Changing times and changing styles. Making a swift exit was the cropped hairstyle, replaced by the wedge. Out went football colours, in came the Casuals wardrobe, in came a new way of life. From match going lads through to school kids, the Casual had arrived.

Nowadays we’re still passionate about our brands and are always on the lookout for the next brand coming through. The last few years we’ve been wearing the likes of Folk, Six Eight Seven Six, Fjallraven and Victorinox along with the old school labels such as Fred Perry, Stone Island, LaCoste and Adidas.

Music was so hit and miss during this period. There was a hell of a lot of crap about, but equally there was some great stuff. Can’t mention the wedge without Bowie, suppose Roxy Music must be in there also. A personal favorite still today is one of the most influential bands that came on the back of Punk, Joy Division. As the years rolled on The Jam, The Clash, The Specials, New Order, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Massive Attack were played very loud very often, still are to be fair. This then led on to BritPop, whichever camp you were in Oasis v Blur kept British music interesting and on the edge. Anyway, all still have a special place in the Casuals’ heart. Glad to see the likes of The Streets, Arctic Monkeys and The Enemy are still carrying the Casuals flag.

So that’s where Saviour evolved from, from the original must have designer label through to the more obscure limited edition pieces. Our label is simple, we design garments we want to wear and for a price we’d want to pay.